Aida El-Ayoubi

Aida born in Germany Aachen (German mother – Egyptian father), rased in Egypt received the German Abitur and graduated from AUC with Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science. Produced three tapes as a singer, composer and songwriter carrying folkloric songs and started the musical career with hit song Ala Bali 1991, Men Zaman 1993 and Rafik Omry 1996. Stopped singing for several years and returned with the non commercial sufi music tape 2004 which was given to the Egyptian TV and broadcasted partially in Ramadan and some programs. As the production of the sufi music developed to an Egyptian German project to be released soon, Potsch Potschka already released one of the new compositions ”Burda Part 1″ which is one of the most famous poems dedicated to Prophet Mohamed on his album 18. March 2011 as part of his collection. Also she dedicated a song to the revolution of 25 January 2011 link released in February 2011.